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Top 7 Better League Names For The “Catholic 7”

As you may have heard, seven Catholic schools (DePaul, Georgetown, Marquette, Providence, Seton Hall, St. John’s and Villanova) are leaving the Big East to form their own basketball conference.  Rumor has it they’re going to appropriate the Big East name and add three more schools.  Do they really need to take the name with them […]


A Less Exasperated View Of The Knicks Home Opener And Ye Olde Triangle Offense»

There’s been a lot of scorn heaped upon the New York Knicks after they received a thorough drubbing at the hands of the Chicago Bulls for their home opener.  Some of it deserved.  Some of it exaggerated and begging to be printed on yellow paper.

Fear Itself: It’s Not Good When the Cross-Over is Better Than the Event»

I’ve finished reading Fear Itself and it’s left me in a confused state.  I’m on the record as not liking Marvel’s Event Template of having a mini-series that consists mainly of battles and snapshots of what’s going on in books that are crossing over into the Event– especially when we all know a lot of […]