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New York Comic Con 2008 Programming Notes

Been to take a look at the programming for the 2008 New York Comic Con yet?

If not, get ready for a double take. This year, Sunday is designated “Kid’s Day.” Everybody agrees getting more kids involved with comics is a good thing and it appears the show is celebrating it with an appearance by… Captain Condom?

Yes, at noon on Sunday, in Room 1E03, well let me quote this off the schedule:

Come join our party as the Super-Queeroes of the comics world talk about what’s good, bad and ugly in the industry today. Watch in terror as they pull questions from the doggy-bag of doom, dish about what heroine is sleeping with what super-villainess, and generally disturb the public peace. Featuring a visit from Special Guest CAPTAIN CONDOM! And of course, a super-duper big-shot guest you’ll never ever believe! Featuring: Jennifer Camper (Juicy Mother 1 & 2, Dangerous Women), Ivan Velez (Ghost Rider, Static, Blood Syndicate, Tales Of The Closet and Dead High Yearbook), Ariel Shrag (AWKWQARD, POTENTIAL), Abby Denson (Tough Love), Joan Hilty (DC COMICS, Bitter Girl), Allan Neuwirth & Glenn Hanson (Chelsea Boyz), Jose Villarubia (VOICE OF THE FIRE, MIRROR OF LOVE, Marvel Comics, Vertigo), and more!”

Room 1E02, presumably next door, is featuring a “Growing Up With Archie” panel. Maybe I’m just a little old fashioned, but if it was me, I’d have that panel on Saturday, not at noon on Kid’s Day, right next to the Archie panel, so that the first thing a conservative and over-protective parent sees when walking in is “Captain Condom.” (Actually, just the title “Sticky Pages” might suggest porn, which isn’t what they brought Little Johnny there to see.) I’m not really sure what that “doggy-bag of doom” is, but I’m guessing there’s a good chance that it will be equally freaky to over-protective parents as ‘ole Captain Condom. Remember, when the New York Post freaks out, you read it here, first.

As for the rest of the schedule, some interesting bits, by day:


“AGE APPROPRIATE CONTENT FOR KIDS AND TEEN COMICS,” “HELPING BOOKSTORES BUY AND SHELVE COMICS FOR KIDS,” and “HELPING LIBRARIES BUY AND SHELVE COMICS FOR TEENS” are all scheduled for noon. I’m guessing the opinion is that bookstores and libraries have already gotten a grip on buying and shelving for adults, and its interesting to see it broken down to such a granular level, here.

“CAPTAIN ACTION – REBUILDING AN ICON” – A little birdie told me when the Diamond charts get released, this one’s going to be a whole lot higher than you’d expect coming out of Moonstone.

There’s a dizzying array of different models for delivering comics over the Web, from Webcomics, to PDFs for a fee, to ad-supported PDFs, to PDFs as promotional tool, and behind it all is the backdrop of illegal file sharing of comics. Are comics on the Web going to be a tool to increase the popularity of paper products, an alternate distribution channel that takes sales from retailers and circulation from libraries, or a threat to legitimate channels as illegal downloads grow? Hear from legacy publishers and cutting edge pioneers on this critical issue for the near future.”

That’s a little overly dramatic, but having written a book on the business side of this, I take some interest and am curious to see who’s on the panel from the pure web side of things, since DC and Marvel have pretty well-established positions and tend to emphasize the negative aspects over the promotional ones.

“COMICS, CONCEPTS & COPYRIGHTS” – With the Superman Intellectual Property lawsuit making national headlines, this could be a very interesting panel.

“MOBLIE COMICS AND MANGA” – I moderated a variation on this panel last year, and this is cutting edge stuff. Get a peak at the sort of thing that’s a multi-million dollar industry in Japan.

“A WEBCOMICS ROUND TABLE” – Should be called “AN ACT-I-VATE ROUND TABLE” as this is the ACT-I-VATE collective, being moderated by an ACT-I-VATE artist. ACT-I-VATE is a bit of an odd-duck, being something of an artist’s colony based off of LiveJournal (sometimes forwarding to individual artist sites). For the most part, they seem unconcerned with making money off their online publishing, though many of them have landed graphic novels with mainstream publishers after the fact. Should be a very different sort of panel than you’d get with Scott Kurtz or the Dumbrella people, where commerce is a bigger part of the equation. Too bad this is scheduled opposite the Mobile Comics panel, these two would have some cross-over.

“MINX: YOUR LIFE IN PICTURES” – Why this is on Friday and not Kid’s Day, is an interesting question, given the tween/teen demographic they’re supposed to be going after. Swapping this one’s time slot with “STICKY PAGES” would make a lot of sense.

“NICK MAGAZINE PRESENTS – AVATAR COMICS” – Please note this is not Avatar _Press_, which publishes a fair amount of Warren Ellis and Garth Ennis work.

“EVOLUTION OF THE COVER” – Why a Greg Horn panel? The description mentions “his upcoming children’s book, Emma Frost.” The same Greg Horn that gets all the “objectification of women” comments is doing a children’s book about the White Queen. This I need to see before the firestorm hits.

“GIRLS WHO KICK ASS” – I keep hearing questions about how much writing Jenna Jameson does on her Virgin comic. Now somebody can ask her. (Probably best this one wasn’t scheduled for Sunday.)


“STEVE GERBER MEMORIAL” – A lot of love going around for this one.

“COMIC STRIPS FOR THE 21ST CENTURY” – Who’s more unsettled by the Internet than newspapers? Newspaper syndicates, that’s who. Go Comics and will pop up here, most likely

“DAN DARE: BRITAIN’S GREATEST HERO – WHAT AMERICANS NEED TO KNOW NOW!” – The original Dan Dare is pretty cool. Make your library get a copy for you. However, there’s a possibility that they’re selling Biggles short.

“SCOTT MCCLOUD’S ZOT!” – McCloud is used to presentations and Zot has been out of print for quite a while.

“ZUDA: THE FUTURE OF ONLINE COMICS” – My, what an ambitious title. Worth going to simply to ask how their traffic compares with other online comics, if they’re going to be all bold with their billing.

“SCOTT MCCLOUD AND DOUG RUSHKOFF” – If you only see one McCloud panel, this is it. Perhaps he’ll talk about this new graphic novel he’s supposed to be starting on soon.

“WARCRAFT LEGENDS AND STARCRAFT FRONTLINE” – At the same time Wildstorm is having a panel with Walt Simonson, who’s doing their World of Warcraft comic, Blizzard is announcing something with TokyoPop? Color me curious.


“STICKY PAGES: NEW YORK COMIC CON SUPER-QUEERO EDITION!” – If nothing else, then to watch freaked out parents stumble in and go all bug-eyed at Captain Condom.

“KIRBY: KING OF COMICS” – If Evanier’s happy with the book, it must’ve come out pretty good. He’s as qualified as anyone to write it.

MOCCA PRESENTS: WEBCOMICS 101 – Ought to be fairly hands-on.

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