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The Other Career of Alex Ross

Everybody in comics knows Alex Ross, right?  Painter/artist and co-writer of things like Marvels, Kingdom Come, and so forth?  But that’s not all Alex is up to, it seems.

 Remember when you expressed interest in an artistic career and your parents told you to have a back up career, like accounting, in case the arts didn’t work out for you?  Well, Alex isn’t an accountant, it seems.

Last night (well… technically this morning), I happened to flip the TV over to Svengoolie.  For non-Chicago residents, Svengoolie is the local campy horror film host.  He’s been around since ’79 on one station or another and is known for ripping on the Chicago suburb of Berwyn and getting pelted with rubber chickens after telling bad jokes.  Think of him as a campier Elvira without the sex appeal, and you’d get an approximate idea (or click on the link and go to the webisodes).  I gather he’s been syndicated in other markets at various times.  For that matter, I watched him on cable in Iowa in the ’80s.

As the program breaks for commercial, Sven starts hawking his latest t-shirt (“It Came From Berwyn” featuring a giant mutant rubber chicken).  As they start flipping screens of people wearing the shirt, who should I see but our old friend, Alex Ross.

Yes, some people are an accountant by day and musician by night.  Alex?  He moonlights as a fashion model.

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