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Now That’s What I Call Counter-Programming

It’s Wednesday.  The big news all day was how Hillary Clinton was going to withdraw her nomination during the role call vote and make Barak Obama’s nomination for president unanimous.  And there’s rampant speculation on how happily or unhappily she’s going along with it.  (From Wednesday’s Sun-Times: “New York Rep. Carolyn Maloney prefaced her introduction of Hillary to the “Women Count” group by stating: “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t support women.”)

A little after 7pm, I turned on my TV in Chicago (Obama HQ).  What do I see?  On WMEU (MeToo), a station that shows a lot of classic TV shows, sort of like TVLand, is showing a movie I’d never heard of: “Queen Bee.” 

 The description of this movie, taken directly from hitting the info button on my cable remote: “Joan Crawford stars in a role she practically patented—a domineering woman who uses all means to get her way.”

After a quick Google, Wikipedia has the following quote from a New York Times reviewer: “[Miss Crawford] is the height of mellifluous meanness and frank insincerity.”

Politcal commentary in scheduling that film or merely a coincidence?  I don’t know, but those blurbs sure sound like a common opinion of Hilary…

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  1. I have no insight as to how this came to be, but they’re showing minor Joan Crawford movies all week. Monday was Berserk, last night was Harriet Craig, tomorrow is scheduled to be Strait-Jacket, and Friday should be Autumn Leaves.

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