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Explaining The Strange Deaths of Batman

Over in Lying in the Gutters,  Rich Johnston unearthed a hitherto unannounced Batman trade paperback on Amazon: Batman: The Strange Deaths of Batman.

Amazon lists the book at 160 pages.  I can’t tell you what all 160 pages are, but about 68 pages of it look to be from a 1977 David Reed/John Calnan Batman sequence (291-294), wherein Batman is presumed dead and his various foes get together to try and figure out which one of them actually did the deed.  Does the cover of the first issue of this sequence look something like what’s up at Amazon?  (Thanks Grand Comic Book Database)

Batman #291 Batman #292

Batman #293 Batman #294

My educated guess is this will have a few more stories of Batman dying that are either imaginary or hoaxes, celebrating the alleged killing off of the Bruce Wayne Batman at the end of Grant Morrison’s Batman R.I.P. sequence.  One suspects this is a mass market tie-in and DC is positioning to cash in a little better on a publicity wave like the death of Superman in the 90’s and the more recent death of Captain America (who’s remained dead much longer than anyone anticipated).

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