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Mavericks / Magic / Grizzlies / Raptors Post-Trade Roster Analysis and Fallout

A bribe-ridden trade has delivered Shawn Marion to the Mavericks, Hedo Turkoglu to the Raptors and cash to the Magic and Grizzlies.  This one was a little complicated, so here’s a handy chart to summarize:

Mavericks Magic Grizzlies Raptors
  • Shawn Marion
  • Kris Humphries
  • Nathan Jawai
  • Greg Buckner
  • Cash (from Raptors)
  • Cash(From Mavericks)
  • Cash (From Raptors)
  • Jerry Stackhouse
  • Future Raptors 2nd Round Pick
  • Cash (from Mavericks)
  • Hedo Turkoglu
  • Antoine Wright
  • Devean George


As to the teams, Memphis basically swapped one contract they were likely to buy out for another contract they did buy-out.  It didn’t take them long to cut Stackhouse loose.  So essentially, the Grizzlies got a second round pick and the money to buy out a contract. Memphis looking to same money?  Nah, that would never happen.  Take that bribe.


Orlando basically got bribed to sign and trade Turkoglu.  Essentially, he was leaving anyway, so they got some cash to console them.  They then turned around and signed former Dallas PF Brandon Bass (theoretically) with the Dallas money.  It remains to be seen if they use any of this money to match the offer sheet for reserve center Marcin Gortat that Dallas had signed.  An interesting trade partner, if you look at who’s signing who.

It isn’t immediately clear how the Magic plan on using Bass.  Bass is a hair undersized (I don’t know that I believe the listed height of 6’8”), but makes up for it with muscle and aggression.  He does have a little bit of range, perhaps in the 15’-18’ range, he’s a career 0-11 from 3-point range.  This is to say he’s more of a traditional power forward that the taller Rashard Lewis.  While Bass has the range and slashing ability to function without clogging up the lane for Dwight Howard, inserting him into the starting line-up  would be a clear deviation from the current offensive strategy of surrounding Howard with 4 bombers and exploiting the double-teams.

So the options would be to go traditional, insert Bass at PF, slide Lewis to SF and Vince Carter at SG, with Mickael Peitrus, JJ Reddick and perhaps Ryan Anderson as your bench scorers or you insert Peitrus into whichever of the SF/SG slots Carter isn’t playing and your bench scoring is Bass/Reddick/Anderson.  Personally, I like having Bass off the bench in this scenario.  We know he can score off the bench, and until the Magic sign a back-up center who can score (no back-up for Howard is currently signed), Bass would be the only non-perimeter offense besides Howard.


The Mavericks, on the other hand are really loading up.  They re-signed Jason Kidd.  They may or may not be getting Marcin Gortat for center (who might start over Dampier).  Kris Humphries is functionally the new Brandon Bass (though I like Bass better).  They recently signed Quinton Ross as a defensive specialist.  It seems likely Josh Howard is swinging back to 2-guard, but Mavs suddenly have a very flexible line-up.  You’d like to see another center on the roster, be it Gortat or someone else.  Still, if they opt to go small a Nowitzki/Marion/Howard/Terry/Kidd line-up could be very effective running the floor.  We’ll see if Greg Buckner is bought out or they were reclaiming a former player.  I’m leaning towards buyout.

C: Erick Dampier, Dirk Nowitzki, Nathan Jawai

PF: Nowitzki; Kris Humphries; Shawn Marion; Shawne Williams; Ahmad Nivins

SF: Marion; Josh Howard; Quinton Ross; Nick Calathes

SG: Howard; Jason Terry; Matt Carroll; Greg Buckner (possible buy-out)

PG: Jason Kidd;  Jose Berea; Rodrique Beaubois


We’re starting to see what the Raptors are going to look like, pending any Chris Bosh trade, and it’s looking more and more like GM Bryan Colangelo is wanting to at least start the season with Bosh on the team.  They were top-heavy at PF a couple weeks ago.  Not so much now.  The sign and trade with Marion nets the Raptors a starting shooting guard, but that position is the glaring weakness on the roster.  Sure, Wright was starting for a playoff team and he’s a very big guard, but his long range shooting is pedestrian.  Behind him you have Devean George, who was a bit of a disappointment in Dallas, and a cast of young, unproven players.  You’d like to see DeMar ReRozan get up to speed quickly and give some minutes at SG and SF.  That’s where the future should lie.  They need to add another big man, in case of injuries.  Carlos Delfino’s name pops up in rumors fairly regularly and he’d be an upgrade backing up Calderon.

I’m not the biggest Bargnani fan, but if Caldern/Wright/Turkoglu/Bosh/Bargnani can gel, they’ve got a legitimate shot at the playoffs.  I’d think 6th seed would be the best case scenario, but the Raptors snuck up on a lot of people a couple years back.  Now if Calderon isn’t over his injuries, all bets are off.  True, Turkoglu can play some point forward and blunt the loss, but Marcus Banks has been a disappointment of late and Douby seems more a scorer than a playmaker.

And we’ll see what happens with Bosh.  If this incarnation of the team doesn’t gel, watch for the trade talks to heat up.

C: Andrea Bargnani; PatrickO’Bryant

PF: Chris Bosh; Reggie Evans

SF: Hedo Turkoglu; DeMar DeRozan; Devean George

SG: Antoine Wright; Quincy Douby; Roko Ukic; DeMar DeRozan; Devean George

PG: Jose Calderon; Marcus Banks; Quincy Douby

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