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Where Could Allen Iverson Start?

While going over what’s left of the 2009 free agent crop, the topic of Allen Iverson came up.Nobody seems quite sure whether Iverson’s lead balloon performance in Detroit was age catching up or just a chemistry mismatch for the ages.  (Well, not as bad as Starbury playing under Larry Brown, but…)  If Iverson wants to get paid AND start, maybe the Clippers and maybe the Grizzlies.  Maybe.  He might have to retire.  If he wanted to come off the bench, there are a number of contending teams he’d be very interesting on.  But let’s throw out getting paid.  Which teams could Iverson start for right now if money wasn’t an issue?  Assuming Iverson is still capable of averaging somewhere in the 18-20 point range and Detroit was just a horrid fit.  I’m thinking:

  • Chicago (over Hinrich/Salmons, but this really depends on where Iverson is, physically)
  • Cleveland (over Anthony Parker)
  • Denver (over J.R. Smith, but that isn’t going to happen)
  • Houston (if you went for pure scoring, he’d start over Trevor Ariza, while T-Mac is out, but I don’t think that what Houston’s looking for)
  • Indiana (over Dahntay Jones)
  • Miami (if and only if Wade switch to point or they decided to go with a double combo-guard back court)
  • Minnesota (over Damien Wilkens/Quentin Richardson)
  • New Orleans (over Rasual Butler)
  • New Jersey (over Courtney Lee)
  • New York (over Larry Hughes)
  • Oklahoma City (over Thabo Sefolosha/James Harden)
  • Philly (over Kapona, or he could go back to point here)
  • Toronto (over Antoine Wright or Marco Bellinelli)

You don’t see Memphis or the Clippers (i.e., where he can get paid) on my list.  It isn’t immediately clear to me that you start Iverson over O.J. Mayo or Eric Gordon.  Iverson certainly has more star power, but both players are coming around nicely.

It seems to me that Iverson will likely have to cede starting or cede getting paid or retirement may well be the primary option.

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