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Did 24 Just Turn Into “Man in a Suitcase?”

24 has ended and the last episode has run.  Jack Bauer is once more on the run, exiled from his home country, albeit with more people looking to have it dead than a couple seasons ago when he last fled the country.  Hmmm… now where have I heard that before?

Let’s watch a trailer for an old British spy show called Man in a Suitcase.  Click here and come back.  (Alas, embedding was disabled for that clip.)

Gee, did that clip sound about like what would happen if you wanted to continue 24?

Man in a Suitcase is the 1967 ITV show which effectively replaced Secret Agent/Dangerman when Patrick McGoohan quit Dangerman to create The Prisoner.  (The real Prisoner, not that incredibly lame remake.)  The premise, as spelled out in a particularly good pilot episode, is a CIA agent stationed in England is a little too good and catches a defector.  His boss tells him to let the defector go, but dies before telling anyone else.  As far as the U.S. is concerned, our hero (McGill) is a traitor and if he ever sets foot back on U.S. soil, he’s going down for treason.  Of course, it turns out his old boss isn’t dead and the defector is actually a double agent.  Until that double agent comes in from the cold, there’s absolutely nothing McGill can do but continue to ply his trade as a freelance spook.

In other words, McGill is just completely screwed and he knows it.  Again, I say: sound a little bit like what would happen if 24 became “The Adventures of Jack in Exile?”

Here’s a couple clips that I _could_ embed.

Wherein McGill distracts the Russians while his old boss (the double agent’s handler) gets away.  Hmmm… getting chased by angry Russians and beaten for information.  That seems familiar…

Again, McGill’s past is coming looking for him.  This time with Donald Sutherland.

Word is, the movie is next.  This formula might not be the movie, but if anybody wanted to bring Jack Bauer back on a regular basis, it might look a lot like Man in a Suitcase.

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  1. …sounds kind of like “Burn Notice.”

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