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Wizard World Produces Some Strange Search Queries

People sure are getting worked up about Wizard World.  Besides just looking at the comment sections on the news sites, I’ve been getting a whole lot of search engine queries.  I can’t tell you if these are people who went to the show or skipped the show, but it’s an odd bunch that tells me people are wondering what’s up with Wizard.

  • 12 queries about Rod Blagojevich/Blago.  (Yes, the convicted felon got them a lot of media converage.)
  • 11 queries about comic publishers. (The trend being why isn’t this publisher here, and it seems to indicate people not having their expectations met.)
    • 9 mentions of Marvel
    • 7 mentions of DC
    • 1 mention of Image
    • 1 mention of Dark Horse
    • 0 mentions of Avatar, but they were actually at the show
  • 7 queries specifically referencing the 2009 show, only 2 referencing the 2010 show.  (I’m guessing people are wanting to compare the guest list and programming to last year and that these are people wondering if there were more comics guests last year.)
  • 3 queries about attendance.  (In Chicago, it’s always asked if you think this is Wizard’s last year.)
    • 2 about 2009 attendance
  • 1 query about $5 Marvel Essentials, which has been the standard Wizard  dealers room clearance price for at least 3 years.
  • 1 query about why Marvel doesn’t have a booth that also contains the URL of an… erotic story archive?!?  (Don’t look at me, I didn’t make the query, and I have no explanations for this one.  I just hope it doesn’t involve cosplay. )

The text of the actual queries (but not number of each) follows, courtesy of Google Analytics:

wizard world chicago 2009
blago wizard world
chicago comic con attendance
chicago wizard world 2009
wizard world blago
anyone covering wizardworld chicago
artist alley chicago
blago at wizard world
blago autograph
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blago autographs chicago
blago charging $80 for autographs
blago comics
blagojevich at comic con chicago
chicago 2009 comic con guest list
chicago comic con attendance 2009
chicago comic con wizard world promotional discount
chicago con preview night
dc comics at wizord world
marvel dc chicago wizard world
marvel essentials 5 dollars
marvel not at wizard world
no comic company at wizard world chicago
preview night wizard world
thursday preview night chicago wizard world
what happened to wizard world convention no dc comics
why did wizard world chicago change
why is dc,marvel,dark horse and image not at chicago wizard world
why publishers aren’t going to wizard world chicago
wizard con chicago dc marvel booths
wizard world chicago
wizard world chicago 2009 attendance
wizard world chicago 2009 guests
wizard world chicago 2010 marvel
wizard world chicago 2010 program
wizard world chicago dissapointing
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wizard world marvel dc
wizard world no marvel or dc
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wizard world rod blago
wizard world rod blagojevich!
wizard world. marvel why was marvel not at chicago wizard world
who was next lou ferrigno at chicago comic con 2009

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