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Flashpoint Line Extension: The Top 10 Flashpoint Mini-Series DC Comics Hasn’t Announced Yet

So you may have heard DC Comics is having yet another big crossover that nobody is particularly clamoring for.  It’s called Flashpoint.  (Mind you, if you Google “Flashpoint and DC” this is what you get.)

In typical fashion, DC isn’t saying exactly what the series is, but it sure looks like something’s going to screw up the time stream and all sorts of things are going to change.  Now, a cynical person might say this is just blowing up an old Per Degaton All-Star Squadron story to epic levels.  But not me.  I’m Mr. Positive.

And then DC announced 14, yes, 14 supporting mini-series for Flashpoint.  Because nobody talks about fatigue from event comics or complains about having to buy a metric ton of superfluous cross-overs and spin-offs.  Good ‘ole DC just keeps giving us what we so obviously want, but never communicated.

And we’ll just ignore how these altered history books resemble a certain Marvel Comics cross-over from a few years back… either the Bendis one or the Gaiman one.   But I’m sure these books are not blatant cash grabs, but rather art on the level of Watchmen.  After all, structuring 42 issues of spin-off comics to compliment a mere 5-issue main title is a colossal feat of engineering.

And that’s just what they’ve announced, thus far.  So in the interests of helping DC inch that total number of issues involved a bit closer to 100, here’s:

The Top 10 Flashpoint Mini-Series DC Comics Hasn’t Announced Yet

(Whatever Happened To Mainstream Media Attention?)
10. Flashpoint: New Costumes For Everyone #1-#3
9. Flashpoint: Death of B’Wanna Beast #1-#3

(Whatever Happened To These Characters Selling?)
8. Flashpoint: Firestorm: Multiple Personality Disorder Is Curable #1-#3
7. Flashpoint: Hawkman and the Taxidermists #1-#3

(Whatever Happened to Good Taste?)
6. Flashpoint: Arsenal: 101 Things To Do With a Dead Cat #1-#3
5. Flashpoint: Arsenal: Little Blue Pills #1-#3

(Whatever Happened to Total Company Crossovers?)
4. Flashpoint: WildCATs #1-#3
3. Flashpoint: Gears of War #1-#3

(Whatever Happened to Deja Vu?)
2. Flashpoint: 1608 #1-#3
1. Flashpoint: House of M #1-#3

There’s another 30 issues for the event.  I’m sure with just a little more effort, DC can get it up to 100 issues.  I’m just glad I was able to pitch in and help.

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