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The Birth Control Show-Off

It was an altogether too quiet Saturday night and I was chatting with the bouncer when a group of three people walked into the bar. Two women and a man. The man and one of the women looked familiar, so the bouncer carded the lot of them, and that’s when something… tacky… happened.

The unknown woman fumbled around in her purse and produced a card. Not an ID card, rather a foil pack card of birth control pills. She popped out a pill, titled back her head and dropped it in her mouth. She was a tad showy about it, too. (No clue if it was a regular birth control pill or a sugar pill, as was the case in my last encounter with birth control pills in a bar.)

I’m no expert on birth control pills, but I’m under the impression they’re intended to be taken at the same time every day, and Planned Parenthood suggests “You might find it helpful to take it when you do something else you do every day — like brushing your teeth or eating dinner.”

Applying conventional wisdom to the situation:

• Time: well after midnight
• Activity: walking into a bar and getting carded
• Activity: making a show out of taking the pill; dare I say, “being edgy”

I’m really hoping the poor dear merely forgot to take it on her regular schedule. Otherwise, I might have to start agreeing with the more conservative elements of society that reality television really is creating  role models.

Then again, when the Jersey Shore spawns a New York Times bestselling novel, you’re going to have some collateral damage. I don’t know about cable, but maybe last night’s heroine will be a star on the security camera circuit?

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