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The Bloodstain in the Stairwell

The Blood Stain in my Stairwell

The Blood Stain in my Stairwell

I just don’t think I’m going to miss this apartment.  Never mind the Saga of the See-Through Bathroom Window, I’ve got another scene from the bizarre… and hopefully not a crime scene.

I got yet another call today that they were showing the apartment, so decided to go to the gym and skip the parade of strangers.  As I was on my way down the stairs, I saw something on the wall.  Only having seen the first season of Dexter, I’m not qualified to speculate on what that blood pattern indicates, I just know it was also there when I got back from the gym.  That means it was there to greet the prospective renter(s).

So if I go missing, please forward this photo to the police.  First flight of stairs on the left hand side as you’re heading up.

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