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DC Comics Starting New Digital Initiatives?

DC Comics is in a little bit of chaos, in terms of their digital line.  Their initial webcomics project, Zuda, was shut down.  Ron Perazza, DC VP of Online, decided he’d rather leave the company than move to LA.  But it looks like DC is about to put some digital plans in motion.

While there’s no announcement of a new VP of Online, or even reports of job listings for that position, DC has posted a job description for an Assistant Editor, Digital Publishing. Theoretically, this would be reporting to Kwanza Johnson, the Editor for Digital Publishing who is thought to be moving to DC’s Burbank HQ.  However, there are some really interesting tidbits in that description:

“Position assists Editor-Digital in creation, development and maintenance of DC digital comics. Works with New Talent Administrator to select and develop New Talent through DC’s online New Talent Search and DC’s own internal new talent development program.”

“Assists Editor-Digital Publishing with creation and development of DC new digital comics lines.”

“Assists New Talent Administrator with selecting and developing New Talent.”

Are “DC new digital comics lines” digital editions of print comics for the DC app or are they something new?  Either the phrasing is clunky or they’re talking about new lines of digital comics.

As for “online New Talent Search,” the DC submissions page directs you to go to a convention and doesn’t allow for mailed or e-mailed unsolicited submissions.  Is this more clunky phrasing from HR, intended to convey surfing the web to spot usable talent or will they be setting up a formal web submission process?

“Selecting and developing New Talent” suggests to me that they’re going to have some new talent working on digital comics.  We’ll have to see whether this is web-based or digital downloads.

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