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The Looney Tunes / Agatha Christie Mash-Up We’re Looking For

Hercule Poirot – a prissy Francophone Belgian private dick.  Pepé Le Pew – an amorous French skunk.  You know this is tailor-made for a mismatched partners vehicle in the vein of 48 hours, Lethal Weapon and Midnight Run.

Hercule Poirot and Pepé Le Pew - Partners in Crime

And let’s face it, the delicate palate of Poirot’s nose being offended by an odoriferous associate has a precedent in the mystery/thriller category.  In Callan, the titular hero was known to tell his sometimes sidekick, Lonely, that his stench was strong enough he could shoot him in the dark.

Come on Warner Brothers, time to make this one happen!

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