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Borders Liquidation Shoppers and Idiots With Money

After taking in an early matinee of Captain America, I stuck my head into the first day of the latest, final wave of Borders liquidation sales.  I’d made the rounds during the last wave.  I wasn’t quite expecting what I saw, though.

Pulling up to the store, there was a person with a sign touting discounts of 40% off.  When you’re talking about a liquidation sale, you really shouldn’t start getting too happy about your purchases until the discount hits 40%.  Go to websites of Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Books-a-Million and you’re going to seem most of the books discounted somewhere in the 30%-40% range.  If you want to buy something because it’s on sale, you’re actually spending more money if you don’t wait for that discount.  However, as I thought to myself, if the discount is starting at 40% I just might buy something.

Walking into the store, I was in for a rude awakening.  Oh, sure, the MAGAZINES were 40% off.  Pretty much everything else in the store was 10%-20% off. seems to be having most titles at 30% off, for crying out loud.

And what else did I see?  A gigantic line of fools with baskets full of books for extremely low discounts, paying more than the corporate entity would charge them elsewhere.

Please don’t be an idiot.  The pattern of liquidation generally means the discounts dropping by 5%-10% every week or two.  Usually on a Friday.  If there’s something you’d kind of like to have, nab it at 40%.  If you can take it or leave it, wait for 50% and see if it’s still there.  Usually, 70% is the rock bottom on this.

Don’t be an idiot and jump at a sign proclaiming a big sale that really isn’t.

I took one look at their discounts and walked out to shop again another day.  Well, OK… that’s not quite true.  I took one look at their discounts, used their bathroom, and then walked out.  It wasn’t intended as a political statement, even if the metaphor fits.

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