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The 2011 Isotope Award For Mini-Comics

For 10 years, Isotope Comics has been having a big party during the APE convention and giving out their “Isotope Award For Mini-Comics.”

You’re never quite sure what to make of a party at a comic shop.  You hear about high-end cocktails at these Isotope parties.  You hear correctly.  Very well balanced mixed drinks are in play.  I highly recommend the “Sun God,” should they be serving it at a future event.  Of course, get ready for a long line at the bar.  It gets a little busy in there.

Isotope Mini-Comics Award Winner Katie Longua and her pointy helmet

Isotope Mini-Comics Award Winner Katie Longua and her pointy helmet

ROKAs for the mini-comics award… you ever notice people just don’t dress up that much for comics awards?  That wasn’t the case this time.  Katie Longua (I’ll let her tell you how to pronounce her last name) showed up dressed for the event.  How can you tell Katie didn’t know she was going to win ahead of time?  She was pretty teared up for a good half hour after winning.  On the other hand, that helmet did introduce an element of danger into the ceremony as you really weren’t sure whether or not she was going to put out the eye of Isotope owner James Sime when she hugged him.  It was close.

Katie’s comic is “ROK.”  She describes it as about “heavy metal and magical girls.”  The Hollywood tagline for this one would be Scott Pilgrim meets Thor with a female lead.  If you’re looking for a copy I’d probably hit up Isotope or Katie’s website.

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